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Council Meeting/2006-02-04

On Satarday 2006-02-04 at 22:00 UTC, the council held a meeting on IRC (logs available at [1] and [2]). This was the first meeting of the newly elected 2006 SPF Council with all council members (Julian Mehnle, Mark Kramer, Mark Shewmaker, Stuart Gathman, William Leibzon) present. There was a pre-planned agenda published at [3].

2006 SPF Council meeting procedures

Mark Kramer as acting chair of 2005 SPF Council started the meeting proposing to go to the agenda item #1. A procedural point was raised by Julian regarding convention for making resolutions; he proposed to keep previous system used by 2005 SPF Council which was passed as a motion:

Motion 2006-02-04 22:12U (proposed by Julian).

Vote log


A procedure for voting on motions during SPF Council meetings is:

1. someone say "Motion: <text>",
2. someone else say "<utc-motion-time>: seconded" (or something equivalent),
3. votes should be cast as "<utc-motion-time>: (yes|no|abstain|...)

A related item was then discussed regarding SPF Council meeting quorum rules. Council agreed to keep previous council's procedure of:

A quorum of 4 council members must be present for a vote to be valid.". That is, 4 members must be alive, but if only 3 do cast a vote, the result is still valid.

It was also agreed that in general all rules and procedures adopted by previous year SPF Council would apply to newly elected council unless decided otherwise by motions of new council.

Regarding 2005 SPF Council members

Council thereafter went ahead with agenda item #1:

Thank Greg Connor for having acted as the election officer (Julian), and all members of the outgoing council who would not be returning for their time and efforts and officially confirm their "advisory" status. (William)

The council discussed "advisory" status and agreed that this means that:

They retain all council member privileges except for voting rights and they cannot have any official positions on the council... In other words, they keep talking privileges on #spf-council and the council mailing lists, and read access to spf-private (Julian)

It was also noted that this represents continuation of the procedures initiated by previous council as decided during July 2005 SPF Council meeting but that this needs to be reaffirmed. A brief discussion was then held how "thank you" to previous year SPF Council would be expressed and it was agreed that should be both by email and as mention on the website with official SPF Council motion. Two motions were thereafter passed as follows:

Motion 2006-02-04 22:22U (by Julian)

The new council extends its thanks to Greg Connor for having done a good job as the 2006 council election officer.

Vote log


Motion 2006-02-04 22:37U (by Mark Shewmaker)

The new council extends its thanks to the exiting members from the previous council: Greg Connor, Chuck Mead, Wayne Schlitt, and Meng Weng Wong, and re-affirms the following motion from the previous council: "Council members losing regular member status shall be given Advisory Member status for one election term. Advisory members have no voting rights, but shall be allowed full reading and posting access to the public and private council mailing lists and talk on the #spf-council IRC channel. The council can decide to deny advisory membership to specific past members.

Vote log


2006 SPF Council positions

An item 2 on the agenda was thereafter discussed:

a. Which council positions do we need in the first place? (Julian)
b. Establish the official roles/functions within the new Council. (MarkK)

This discussion started with questions raised by Stuard Gathman and Mark Shewmaker regarding position of |Executive Director that was previously held by Meng Weng Wong. It was noted that it was primarily project public spokesperson and advocacy position which was specifically good fit for Meng due to him often being present at email-related conferences and doing PR and advocacy for the project from when he first started it. However it was thought by all council members that at the new council these functions would be better of being distributed more evenly among all council members with spf-council list (or its alias) serving as primary contact for press. A motion was thereafter passed as follows:

Motion 2006-02-04 23:09U (by William)

2006 SPF Council will have two official positions - council chair, who chairs the meeting and is responsible for meeting agenda and council secretary, who is responsible for meeting minutes and publication of council resolutions. The 2006 Council will not have a separate posotion of an E.D., but rather the responsibilities of that position will be shared among all council members.

Vote log


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