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Julian Mehnle

I have been elected to serve as a council member in the SPF Council's second term (2006-01-30..2007-02-05). I do have an agenda for my work as a council member in this term.


SPF-related projects

  • Mail::SPF, a complete rewrite of an SPF implementation in Perl. I started writing Mail::SPF together with Shevek at the 2005-06 MAAWG meeting in Düsseldorf, and have been working alone on finishing it since 2006-06. The gold release, 2.001, was published in 2006-12.
  • Mail::SPF::Query, the historic de facto reference implementation of SPF. I picked up maintenance in late 2005 from where the original author, Meng Weng Wong, left off in 2004. Mail::SPF::Query will soon be replaced with a compatibility wrapper around the new Mail::SPF.
  • Courier::Filter, a Perl-based modular mail filter framework for the Courier MTA. It includes an SPF filter module.


I was also a member of the 1st council (2004-12-04..2006-01-29). I did have an agenda for my work in that term.

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