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Council Resolution/6

#6: The Council Executive Director (obsolete)

This resolution has been superseded by resolution #26, "Positions within the council".

The Council Executive Director runs the day to day operations, acts as the spokesman, and generally handles the public relations of the SPF project. Any public statements made by the Council Executive Director shall adhere to the common position of the council and shall not ignore significant positions within the project community without the explicit approval of the council.

The Council Executive Director may speak for himself freely as long as it is made sufficiently clear that he does not speak for the SPF project.

The Council Executive Director also acts as the Council Vice Chair should the Council Chair be unavailable.

(Proposed on 2004-12-04 by Chuck Mead and Wayne Schlitt. Passed unanimously. Amendment proposed on 2004-12-11 by Julian Mehnle, Wayne Schlitt, and Chuck Mead. Amendment passed unanimously.)

Vote log


Vote log for 2004-12-11 amendment


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