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Sender Policy Framework


Form based record testers

E-mail based record testers

NOTE: The openspf.net tester is currently out of service

Form based TXT record viewer

For implementors

  • Test Suite - not a tool like others on this page, but maybe what you are looking for.

The retired SPF record wizard

For a long time we had a wizard utility (at http://old.openspf.org/wizard.html) to assist domain owners with creating SPF records for their domains. Unfortunately the wizard was not very sophisticated and often ended up generating overly complex or even incorrect records because of the difficulty of correctly explaining the concepts underlying SPF to an audience who simply wanted to create an SPF record quickly and did not care about the finer points.

For this reason the wizard has been taken down. Please consult our page on the SPF record syntax instead or ask for help in the forums.

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