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Council Meeting/2004-12-04

On 2004-12-04 20:00 UTC, the newly elected SPF Council officially met on IRC for the first time. There was no pre-planned agenda. All five council members were present.

First, for simplicity reasons only a few basic operational rules were discussed and agreed on:

Subsequently three council positions were created. Chuck Mead was assigned the position of Council Chair, Meng Weng Wong was assigned the position of Council Executive Director, and Julian Mehnle was assigned the position of Council Secretary.

One more basic operational rule was established: the council shall restrict non-public communication to the absolute minimum required.

While there was general agreement that focus should first of all be put on finalizing the SPFv1 specification, there also was consensus that the larger perspective of sender authentication and accountable messaging should not be ignored, and thus the creation of a committee for exploring options for the future evolution of the SPF project was decided.

It was also unanimously decided that the creation of more formal bylaws and the possible formation of a legal body should not hold up the much more needed kick-off of organized project coordination, so discussion within the council about formal bylaws and the formation of a legal body was adjourned until 2004-12-19.

Finally, a first technical decision regarding the SPFv1 specification was made: SPF checking of the HELO identity shall be explicitly allowed.

The meeting was concluded at 22:09 UTC.

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