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Council Resolution/9

#9: A committee shall explore options for the future evolution of the SPF project

While finalizing the SPFv1 specification and getting it formally ratified by the IETF is currently the primary goal of the SPF project, expanding the scope of the project into the more general space of Accountable Messaging Standards is considered an important perspective by the council.

In order to explore options on whether and how to follow this path, without having to shift focus from finalizing the SPFv1 specification, a committee shall be instituted by the council. The committee is to discuss the available options and jointly present one or more recommendations to the council on how the SPF project should proceed after the work on the SPFv1 specification has been concluded.

In order to facilitate completely open discussion within the committee, its mailing list archives shall be kept private indefinitely, but the committee's conclusions and any ongoing work after 2005-04-01 shall be unconditionally laid open.

Formation and oversight of the committee is delegated to council member Chuck Mead.

(Proposed on 2004-12-04 by Chuck Mead, passed unanimously. First amendment proposed on 2004-12-22 by Julian Mehnle, passed unanimously. Second amendment proposed on 2005-02-09 by Chuck Mead, passed unanimously.)

Vote log


Vote log for 2004-12-22 amendment


Vote log for 2005-02-09 amendment


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