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Council Resolution/27

#27: Inactive or resigning council members

When a council member is determined to have not taken part in council meetings or ongoing discussion on the council mailing lists for one month, they are automatically considered missing in action (MIA) and the quorum for council meetings is temporarily reduced to three until the MIA member returns.

If a member continues to be MIA for one more month, or can be reached after having been MIA, but a satisfactory excuse cannot not be obtained from them, they may be declared inactive by at least three of the remaining council members.

A council member who is inactive, or who voluntarily resigns from the council, shall be replaced by the next best winner of the prior council election who consents to joining the council.

(Proposed on 2006-10-21 by Stuart Gathman, William Leibzon, Julian Mehnle, Mark Shewmaker. Passed unanimously.)

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