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Council Resolution/14

#14: The official project web site

Planning and installation of a new web site

(Note: This section is obsolete and maintained only for historical reasons.)

Information on the current state of the various SPF web sites in general and the current official project web site in particular shall be gathered, goals for a new official project web site shall be discussed and defined, and options for its creation shall be worked out and presented to the council for consideration.

Council member Julian Mehnle is appointed to directing the information gathering and discussion and reporting to the council.

Management of the web site (Webmasters)

The council shall be held accountable for the effective maintenance and the content of the website, and all council members shall have edit access to the website. However, for regular operations, two equal webmaster positions shall be delegated by the council. These webmasters shall be trusted by the council and take care of the day-to-day technical administration of the website as well as of regular content editing.

The webmasters shall act in mutual agreement and cooperation with the community, without requiring explicit specific consent of the council, but shall always be bound by the council's explicit directives, issued by any council member, or through council resolutions. They shall consult the council on any significant issues that are likely to be controversial. Any material conflicts that the webmasters cannot resolve among themselves must be brought to the council's attention without undue delay.

The web site domains

Official domains for the project website must be owned and paid for by a trusted person chosen by the council through majority vote without explicit dissent. Monetary donations are welcome and should be directed at the chosen trustee.

No less than two, and no more than four domains shall be officially and permanently maintained by the project, comprising no more than two second-level-domain variants and two top-level-domain variants (e.g. foobar.org, foobar.com, foo-bar.org, foo-bar.com). Additional domain variants (SLD and TLD) may be donated (i.e. paid for and perhaps also transferred), but shall not be considered permanent assets of the project.

In any case, if possible, spf.pobox.com shall for the time being remain a permanent asset of the project and one of the official domains through which the website can be accessed.

For the donated domains, a thank-you note with links to the donators shall be displayed on the website, at least on the front page.

(Initial resolution proposed on 2004-12-22 by Chuck Mead, passed by majority vote. First and second amendments proposed on 2005-04-27 by Julian Mehnle, passed unanimously. Third amendment proposed on 2006-01-08 by Greg Connor and Julian Mehnle, passed unanimously.)

Vote log


Vote log for 2005-04-27 amendments


Vote log for 2006-01-08 amendment


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