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Council Meeting/2007-04-21

This was the 4th meeting of the 3rd Council, and the IRC log script was unfortunately not running. The updated agenda was:

 1. Press release about the BITS recommendations on SPF
 2. Reports
     a. IronPort statistics
     b. Others
 3. Conclusions on the DDoS issue
    (Wayne has been unreachable, so we really should move forward!)
 4. Make a news announcement?
 5. RFC 4408 Errata
     a. %{v} macro
     b. uric set
     c. greedy unknown
     d. Received-SPF examples
     e. reply code for rejection on Fail
 6. Submit spf-discuss to the "others" list ("note well" thread)
1 - Press Release
Scott's draft was discussed for about an hour, and after various minor modifications we arrived at this. At the moment it says still "draft" because Julian intends to improve the "about" sections.
2a - Ironport Statistics
Julian and Scott work for Ironport (Cisco) on a statistical analysis of SPF data, there are yet no public results. Work in progress
2b - Others
No other reports, this point was dropped.
3 - Conclusions on the DDoS issue
We confirmed what we already decided in the last meeting. A mail asking for external review by some DNS experts was not yet sent, Frank offered to help with this.
4 - Make a news announcement
Julian proposed to add the analysis to the News. We agreed that he may do this, and Scott offered to create a link to the analysis.
5 - RFC 4408 errata
At this time Alex had to leave, and we tackled 5 and 6 without him. Two errata already confirmed by Wayne ( 5a and 5b ) were pro forma also confirmed by the Council.
5c - greedy unknown
After a short confusion where folks thought that this might be about the controversial empty exp= erratum it became clear that it's in fact a different but related erratum. It was then unanimously confirmed.
5d - Received-SPF example
This erratum was also unanimously confirmed.
5e - Reply code for reject on Fail
Actually this is about the lost reply code for an optional reject on PermError, not Fail. Scott asked where to find the old Council resolution, and Frank said that it's only available in an old IRC log. The erratum was confirmed unanimously.
6 - Submit spf-discuss to the IETF Non-WG list page
After some flamewars because all were tired and nobody including the proponent recalled exactly the results of the Note Well thread this point was postponed, and the meeting was adjourned.

Those who where there, please fix any omissions, and update what I got wrong. If anybody has a proper IRC log please add it below.