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Council Meeting/2007-03-03

This was the third meeting of the third Council, see an IRC log for the details:

  • 15:52 Meeting agenda: http://archives.listbox.com/spf-council/200703/0000.html
  • 15:54 Council decides to publish the analysis of Doug Otis' DoS complaint, including brief descriptions (with no details) of how to do similar things to other DNS protocols. (In other words, DNS is generally vulnerable, and SPF is one of the better behaved protocols in that regard.)
  • 16:14 Council discusses how to extend the SPF DoS limits to cover negative DNS results. The general idea is to limit total DNS queries with negative results to 3 or 5. Tricky details include what to do when the limit is exceeded.
  • 16:34 Council discusses which official channels to submit the analysis to.
  • 16:46 No news from BITS. Will we recommend an op= modifier for "I really really mean FAIL"? BITS needs to be reassured that publishing an SPF FAIL result gives permission to reject mail with that result, see RFC4408 2.5.4.
  • 17:02 Council discusses making paid SPF support easier. Perhaps a PayPal or other online payment or micro-payment service link. Typical time and amounts are too small for traditional invoice/check.
  • 17:24 Meeting adjourned.

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