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Council Election

Council Election Procedures

In 2005-12, the project's community voted to maintain the council as a permanent institution that is to be re-elected every year according to the following procedures (PGP-signed text):

The SPF Council shall be newly elected in its entirety every year.

The election process shall start on the first Monday on or after 2nd of January at 00:00 UTC (1st day). Everyone shall be eligible to vote in the election who is subscribed to the spf-discuss mailing list at that time. The election and the election rules shall be announced to all official mailing lists of the project at least 14 days in advance, so that everyone interested has a chance to subscribe to the spf-discuss mailing list in time for the census. All further election business and discussion shall then be conducted on that mailing list.

An independent election officer who will conduct the election and certify the results shall be appointed by the sitting council before the 8th day. Nominations for the council must be submitted before the 8th day and accepted by nominees before the 15th day.

Voting shall start on the 15th day and end on the 22nd day. The election officer shall publish and certify the election results on the 22nd day. Disputes about the outcome of the election must be registered with the election officer before the 25th day. Any disputes registered shall be resolved fairly by the sitting council before the 29th day. Members of the sitting council shall be excluded from voting on disputes submitted by themselves. The term of the newly elected council starts on the 29th day.

Voting shall be conducted with the Schulze preferential voting method, using CIVS or a similar system. Voters must register through the SPF project website before the 15th day in order to participate in the voting.

Election Process Outline
Days 1–78–1415–2122–2425–2829
Appoint Election Officer
Acceptance, Discussion, RegistrationVotingDispute
Dispute Resolution
Start of Term

Council Elections

These are the council elections that are upcoming or have taken place in the past (in reverse chronological order):

2007-01 (III)

This was the third election for the council. There were 26 voters who elected 5 council members from 7 candidates. More...

2006-01 (II)

This was the second election for the council. There were 34 voters who elected 5 council members from 8 candidates. More...

2004-11 (I)

This was the first election for the council. There were 161 voters who elected 5 council members from 15 candidates. More...

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