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How the Sender Policy Framework can be of use to you

If you own domains, you can publish SPF records to help others detect forgeries of your domains.

If you receive an excessive amount of abusive emails, you can ask your ISP to reject the forgeries that SPF can detect. (Most abusive emails are forgeries.)

Read the introduction to what SPF is for more detail.

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SPFv1 = RFC 4408, and other news from the SPF Project

The SPF project's website has moved to http://www.openspf.orgSPFv1 has been published by the IETF as RFC 4408 — The controversy about SPF and Sender ID — The project has set its agenda for 2006 — The project extends its thanks to the 2005 SPF Council — Introducing the elected 2006 CouncilRead the announcement...

Sender ID should not re-use SPFv1 records for PRA checking

The SPF Project has appealed the IESG's decision to publish the Sender ID specification unchanged as an Experimental RFC in concert with the SPF specification. Sender ID re-uses SPF's v=spf1 records for PRA checking, which was not anticipated by publishing domain owners and could thus interrupt their e-mail operation. Read the appeal.

More news...

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