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About the SPF Project

The SPF Project was founded in 2003 by Meng Weng Wong and other dedicated internet technologists to act against the increasing levels of e-mail sender address forgery by spammers, imposters, and computer viruses.

The project has developed the sender authentication technology called Sender Policy Framework, which aims to fix various ambiguities in the standards underlying the e-mail system that have essentially remained unchanged since their inception in 1982. SPF allows domain owners to define who may and may not send mail using their domain names.

For additional details about Sender Policy Framework see:

About the SPF Council

The SPF Council is a group of participants elected by the SPF Project's community who are commissioned to steer and represent the project based on community consensus. The council drives the project's technology standardization and research efforts, and maintains contact with other e-mail anti-abuse initiatives and industry organizations.

For additional details and news about the SPF Council see:

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