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Sender Policy Framework

Project Infrastructure


The openspf.org and related domains are owned and generously paid for by Wayne Schlitt.


The project has a dedicated machine: earbone.openspf.org, which is owned by Wayne Schlitt. It runs Debian/GNU Linux and is currently administered by Julian Mehnle and Wayne Schlitt.

All the council members and webmasters have ex officio user accounts on earbone.

Certification Authority

There is an openspf.org OpenSSL (CA.pl-managed) certification authority in earbone:/etc/ssl/cas/openspf.org/. The CA's private key is protected with a passphrase, which is known to Julian Mehnle and Scott Kitterman.

The CA has a public signing certificate.


The project's website runs on earbone.openspf.org.

The website is powered by Thingy, a greatly enhanced spin-off of UseMod Wiki 1.0.


The project's MX is generously hosted for free by Controlled Mail. This is primarily to support the e-mail based test tool.

Mailing Lists

The project's mailing lists are generously hosted for free by Listbox.

Support Request Tracker

The project's support request tracker is generously hosted for free by Sonologic. The request tracker is fed via the contact form.

Subversion Repositories (edit)

These are the Subversion source code repositories hosted by openspf.org:


RepositoryRepository URLAccess
Softwarehttp://www.openspf.org/svn/software/everyone (r), council members (rw)
Mail::SPFhttp://www.openspf.org/svn/mail-spf-perl/everyone (r), Julian Mehnle (rw)
Mail::SPF::Queryhttp://www.openspf.org/svn/mail-spf-query-perl/everyone (r), Julian Mehnle (rw)
libspfhttp://www.openspf.org/svn/libspf/everyone (r)
libspf2http://www.openspf.org/svn/libspf2/everyone (r)

Project Infrastructure

RepositoryRepository URLAccess
Projecthttp://www.openspf.org/svn/project/everyone (r), council members (rw)
Websitehttp://www.openspf.org/svn/spf-website/webmasters and council members (rw)
Old Websitehttp://www.openspf.org/svn/spf-old-website/webmasters and council members (rw)
Vote Registerhttp://www.openspf.org/svn/vote-register/everyone (r), council members (rw)

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