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Press Release/2004-12-22

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SPF Council elected and organized

The Sender Policy Framework Project announces the election and official organization of its first council

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, December 22, 2004 — The SPF project, an Internet project dedicated to stopping e-mail forgery and spam, announces the election results for its first elected council. This election is one of several steps the SPF community is taking to create a more organized, cohesive approach to fighting electronic mail abuse.

SPF's founder, Meng Weng Wong said, "A benevolent dictatorship is a great way to start a project, but now that we have over 5000 people on various mailing lists, a more structured form of organization is necessary, and I'm glad to see the SPF community self-organize in this fashion."

The council election took place in late November 2004 and was finalized on 2 December 2004. The council's purpose is to steer the overall SPF standardization effort, promote uptake of SPF on the global Internet, and to further develop and improve SPF communications. Elected to the council were Mark Kramer (Leiden, Netherlands), Chuck Mead (Cary, NC, USA), Julian Mehnle (Munich, Germany), Wayne Schlitt (Lincoln, NE, USA), and Meng Weng Wong (Philadelphia, PA, USA).

Council Organization

The newly elected council held its first organizational meeting on 4 December 2004 and elected council officers. The council officers are Chuck Mead – Chairman, Meng Weng Wong – Executive Director, Julian Mehnle – Secretary.

About the SPF Project

The SPF project was founded in 2003 by Meng Weng Wong to act against the increasing levels of e-mail sender address forgery by spammers, imposters, and computer viruses. He and the many dedicated internet technologists who have joined him have developed the sender authentication technology now called Sender Policy Framework.

SPF aims to fix various ambiguities in the standards underlying the e-mail system that have essentially remained unchanged since their inception in 1982. The Sender Policy Framework allows domain owners to define who may and may not send mail reputed to be from their domains.

For additional details about Sender Policy Framework see:

About the SPF Council

Established in December 2004, the SPF Council's mission is to steer the overall SPF standardization effort, promote the deployment of SPF on the global Internet, and to develop and improve SPF's public messaging and communications.

For additional details and news about the SPF Council see:

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