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Council Resolution/17

#17: The official SPFv1 specification

An official SPFv1 specification shall be created, prepared by a series of drafts based on spf-draft-200406 (the last official draft from before the council's formation) and input from the project community, and bound by any council resolutions. This specification shall be submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for ratification as an internet standard. No other SPFv1 specification shall be considered official, or submitted to any standards body in the name of the SPF project.

Wayne Schlitt is mandated to act as the editor for the official SPFv1 specification and any new preceding drafts.

(Proposed on 2004-12-22 by Wayne Schlitt, passed unanimously. First amendment proposed on 2005-02-09 by Chuck Mead, passed by majority.)

Vote log


Vote log for 2005-02-09 amendment


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