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Support Team

The all-volunteers support team consists of two groups: the contact form support team, which handles private support requests submitted through the contact form, and the informal spf-help support team, which handles public support requests on the spf-help mailing list.

Volunteers wanted

We are seeking additional volunteers to reinforce the two groups.

If you want to join the contact form team, please drop us a line through the contact form. You should have a good understanding of SPF and related concepts and be capable of being friendly and patient with requestors (to a degree), who are often not well versed with technical issues and sometimes even are outright offensive. Also, please observe the support guidelines, a set of rules-of-thumb designed to ensure the quality of our service.

If you want to join the spf-help team, simply join the spf-help mailing list and watch out for help requests.

Thanks to the team members!

The project is very grateful for the invaluable work of the support team! In particular, the following team members have earned special merit through their extensive participation:

Our volunteers also do professional support! (edit)

Some of the project volunteers also provide professional consulting services for particularly complex problems beyond the scope of volunteer effort. This is a special mention to acknowledge their contribution.