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FAQ/Why should SPF succeed

Why should SPF succeed when similar proposals have failed in the past?

The spam problem was never as bad in the past as it is now.

People are willing to put up with a lot more change and pain.

The MAAWG Sender BCP published by the Messaging Anti-Abuse WG in 2007 recommends:

Senders should incorporate as many authentication standards and technologies as their systems can support for each of their messaging streams: Transactional, Marketing and Corporate. These standards can range from mechanisms that help identify mailers by linking IPs to domains (Sender Policy Framework, known as SPF, and Sender ID) to more complicated cryptographic technologies like Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM). At the very least, senders should incorporate SPF records for their mailing domains.

Deployment and Implementations should have reached the critical mass to deter professional spammers from abusing SPF FAIL protected domains, and SPF PASS can play an important role in Vouch by Reference and similar accreditation efforts.

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