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FAQ/Not a programmer

I’m not a programmer, I don’t understand this, I just want my email delivered!

Believe us, we feel your pain! If you've read some of the FAQ and looked at the site a bit, you understand more about what might be causing the problem you may be experiencing, it will be easier for you to find a solution. There are several ways to contact people who are experts about SPF. Look at our Support page for options.

First, if you don’t directly manage your DNS record (most of us don’t) or you don’t know what any of this means, the quickest way to a solution is to call the tech support department of your Internet Service Provider. Tell them about the problem you’re having, that you think it might have something to do with SPF, and let them take care of it. Be aware that it may take a day or so for the work they do to take effect.

If the problem you are experiencing only relates to emails you send from your work/school email account (yourname@example.com/org/edu/etc.) you’ll want to talk to whoever manages your company’s network. Point that person to this website if they’re stuck.

If you have your own domain (yourname@yourname.example.com) but you don’t manage it, you’ll want to call the tech support department at either or both of your domain host company and/or your ISP, if they’re different. If they don’t understand the problem, point them to this website.

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