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FAQ/Blocking spam

What policies besides SPF should I put in my MTA?

The SPF RFC says that SPF checks are only meaningful in certain situations.

MTAs can block a lot of spam even before SPF checks occur.

Here are some suggestions that will block a lot of spam. Only messages that get past all these rules need to be SPF tested.

  1. The envelope sender domain must have either an A or MX record.
  2. The A or MX record of that sender domain must not be in:
  3. The connecting client IP address must have a PTR record.
  4. The HELO hostname must be a well formed FQDN that has an A record, and it must not be your own hostname.

Note that rules 3 and 4 are often violated by legitimate but clueless domains who don't pay attention to these kinds of detail.

You can configure these settings in Postfix at http://www.postfix.org/uce.html