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This page is for the list of features that people think they may want in SPFv3. It is in the Community section of the website to allow contributions from everyone. Each feature will have its own sub-page of this page, such as [[Community/SPFv3-NewFeature|Title of new feature]], can be created and edited freely by everybody.Before editing, you must set a user name in the user preferences. To edit a page, follow the "Edit text of this page" link at the bottom of the page. How to format text. To create a page, first create a link to the [[new page]] in an appropriate place on an existing page, then follow that link to create the page.We want this website to be free! By submitting content, you agree to dual-license it under the GPL 2 and CC BY-SA 2.5 licenses.funny sayings


SPF checks will be carried out by old and new software alike, and it is not a Good Thing ™ if results will vary widely. In addition, the new RFC will aim at standard track (the current RFC 4408 is still in experimental status). For those reasons, only a carefully selected limited amount of changes will make it to SPFv3. That does not mean we should refrain to describe exciting new features in these pages, but it is necessary to consider the realistic possibility that they can be adopted, in order to avoid wasting everybody's time funny quotes.

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New Features

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